Doepfer Dark Time Sequencer Video

Here’s a great video showcasing the newly released Doepfer Dark Time analog sequencer. To get close to the specs you can read the operation manual here: Dark_Time_Manual.pdf. Deopfer has possibly the best resume when it comes to making analog sequencers and their new release may look simple but it has a lot of advanced features.

“The brandnew DARK TIME is a fantastic analog sequencer. It has MIDI, CV / Gate and also TRIGGER IN / OUT for vintage sequencers or rhythm machines. In my opinion, it is much more comfortable than the Korg SQ-10, which I had. The steps run not just forwards – they also can run backwards or in random. Also a great feature is the quantizer – like on the ARP sequencer. In MIDI mode, the two rows can send at two different MIDI channels.” – AnalogAudio1

Are you guys planning on getting one? Or do you already own an analog sequencer?

For more info:


  1. Looks decent for what it’s limited intended function. Too bad so few manufacturers don’t build hardware sequencers up to spec so you could do audio rate modulations on a sequencer, like on a Nord G2 or Serge.

    Nifty regardless.


  2. Thanks for the demo. Would the Korg Monotribe’s sync out clock the Dark Time via the clock in do you think?


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