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I have my iPhone hardwired into my car’s stereo. I love having the audio from my iPod, Last.fm or TomTom going through my speakers. It gets a little weird when I receive a phone call because for some reason that audio is different and I need to plug-in my headphones. Anyway, I’m always looking for something better and the O Car from Oxygen Audio looks really slick. I can’t think of a way they could do this any better. The iPhone becomes the stereo. You can even swivel to portrait. Now can I replace my entire dash with an iPad? Please?

“O Car is the only full-integrated head unit specifically designed and made for iPhone. Its patented technologies enable the user to control all standard car stereo functions using the iPhone touch screen, while allowing horizontal and vertical access, so that all iPhone applications may be used in the car: Listen to your entire iTunes music catalog, make a hands-free phone call or synch a Bluetooth headset, access your favorite iPhone apps for the car (GPS, Pandora, etc.), or listen to your favorite hometown channel on internet radio. The Car’s built in RDS tuner ensures that you can still listen to your favorite local radio stations and its 4x55W amp links to all of your car’s speakers to guarantee perfect quality sound. Meanwhile, your iPhone charges while it is clipped into the head unit. 3 FM bands and 1 AM band. 18FM and 6AM presets.” – oxygenaudio.com

There is a good video demo of the product at: oxygenaudio.com

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  1. I just read your review of Oxygen Audio’s O’Car and I wanted to make you aware of a new Smartphone accessory line from Jackson Electronics. The iRoc® system replaces your car stereo and integrates the iPhone into your motor vehicle. Unfortunately, we were not able to attend CES this year.

    We are taking pre-production orders for the iRoc® system through our website, http://www.iroconline.com . We expect the first iRoc® systems will be available by March 1, 2011. I would appreciate you visiting the website to learn more about the iRoc®. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Best regards,

    Michael P. Gagliardi
    Jackson Electronics, Inc.
    (512) 497-0233

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