Artwork created from your vocal waveform. $120 – $560 depending on the size. I like the modern rooms in which they feature the prints. However I have to ask myself… Is this stupid or awesome?

“VoicePrints offer a way to visualize our words in a permanent work of art so that it may act as a continuous reminder to us and a display to others of what we deeply value. Our developed technique offers you the ability to capture your specific voice, expressing a word or a set of words that mean most to you or to capture significant audible moments of your life.” – voiceprintsart.com

For more info: voiceprintsart.com


  1. When I was editing dialog, we figured out what a great voice looks like. On a nice rich voice (e.g. Harrison Ford), the tops of the waveforms would have little sawtooths going down like \ then they drop down. On a normal nerd voice, the tops of waveforms drop off without the little roof on top.


  2. I know it’s a cliché, but I’d probably prefer to have Amen up there.


  3. The waveform can be beautiful, and this application is of modern art style. With modern art, it’s all about subjectivity, any interpretation is correct. Though it is somewhat mad how easy it would be to just DIY this.


  4. I have tbh I dont really like the gradient/spectrogram looking colour blends in the background of the waveforms – Id prefer just 2 colours


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