djay vs Sonorasaurus Rex

Here is a nice ten minute comparison of the current two best DJ Apps for the iPad. I’ve got both and I think djay from Algoriddim is the winner. It’s very close to being something I would use out in a club. Check out my recent posts on djay: djay for ipad and djay and tangerine.

“This movie compares two current DJ apps for the iPad – djay from Algoriddim and Sonorasaurus Rex from Pajamahouse.” – Rob Jones

In the App Store: djay and Sonorasaurus Rex

via Synthtopia

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One thought on “djay vs Sonorasaurus Rex”

  1. Hi there,
    I’m running a comparative test between most the DJ apps for the iPad on my blog at the moment so far I’ve done the same mix on Sonorasaurus Rex, DJay and Deej. Will do CuePlayDJ and Quixpin once their new versions hit the appStore.

    DJ Hombre

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