A great new Duran Duran song

Duran Duran – “The Man Who Stole A Leopard” Feat. Kelis by Some Kind of Awesome

Sooo what do we have here? Duran Duran spent the last year in the studio examining and trying to recapture the sound of their earlier albums. I give them great respect for knowing the old stuff is where it was at for them. Unfortunately the recently released new album titled All You Need is Now (iTunes link) is not full of great songs. There is one song however I think is a gem and I will always take a good tune from and old friend. The Man Who Stole A Leopard captures what makes a good Duran song. Wild lyrics that can mean a thousand things, glassy overlapping synths and a flow that makes you want to play the six minutes and thirteen seconds over and over.

“For over a year, Duran Duran and producer Mark Ronson have compared the recording of the music that is about to hit iTunes as All You Need Is Now to the band’s early ‘80s output. Whether they’ve done the job really depends upon how you interpret all that pre-game prattle.” – popmatters.com

Buy the album: click here

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