Blow Up Man

I’m always on the look for a new outfit to perform live in. I’m not saying Mr. Blow Up’s got the exact right idea but I do like something about it.

“I spend a lot of time daydreaming about fantasy outfits” – Mr. Blow Up

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4 Responses to “Blow Up Man”

  1. Raytrace says:

    haha I’d say if anyone tried to rob their house they’d run away freaked out :p

  2. kwality says:

    You gotta check out TISM, an old Aussie band – they had way cooler outfits like this, and never showed anyone their faces! Someone has to do a doco on them I reckon…

  3. Ghost_ says:

    That guy reminds me of Underworld’s “A Hundred Days Off”
    album cover :)

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