Tragic Error – Tanzen

I bought the 12″ vinyl of Tragic Error’s Tanzen in 1989 from Vinyilmania on Carmine Street. This was the precursor to the techno onlsaught that was about to happen. While it may seem really silly to some we took this track very seriously. Patrick DeMeyer went on to create some monster hits has T99 and Technotronic. The other single he released that year Klatsche In Die Hände was also killer.

“Patrick DeMeyer is a Belgian songwriter, composer and producer who has written and performed with several successful elecronica acts, most notably Technotronic, T99, Daisy Dee and 2 Unlimited. Also known under the aliases Thomas De Meyer, The Beat Machine, Black Kiss, Fatal Error, G-Force, Go!, Tecno-Rockers, Tragic Error He is also considered a pioneer of early techno and electronica due to his involvement with several ground breaking acts including Technotronic and 2 Unlimited in the late eighties, and early nineties.” –

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  1. Tragic Error were definitely among a group of ebm pioneers that others in the business tried to emulate or rip-off especially during the late 80’s and early 90’s. They deserve the credit you give them! Thanks for sharing!



  2. yeh wot a simple and great bassline – video is extroardinarily entertaining too :)





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