Tron Moog

Two retro futuristic things get mixed together in Jacob Borshard’s Moog meets Tron Poster. Imagine this as one of those 70s felt glow in the dark posters you could get at Spencers. $25 for blue, $50 for the limited edition red ones.

“A survey of notable modular series types as well as a complete collection of every classic Moog all-in-one synthesizer, presented in chronological order. Two color screen print on heavyweight black paper with gloss varnish. Measuring 18×26, this artist printed art print is signed and numbered in an edition of 75. Also available in a ‘BAD GUY’ red edition of ONLY 6!” –

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via matrixsynth and synthtopia

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  1. oh and btw if you havent yet you should check out Crystal on iPad – it has always been BY FAR one of the best free VSTi’s imo, now its on iPad for 79c – I think you’ll like it as its got an actually usable input method onscreen a kinda hexagon-y grid – it only appeared today – it was supposed to be up for the last 2 days but I couldnt find it – type ‘Green Oak’ in AppStore search and you’ll get it :)

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