Mira Cook – Drum Machine

Mira Cook – Drum Machine from Sean Gillane on Vimeo.

Here’s a pretty cheesy indie video from Mira Cook about at Mattel Synsonic drum machine. The one in the image above is on eBay right now for $39: click here. I wouldn’t mind having one in my collection. Did I ever tell you I love drum machines?

“It was a cheap and cheesy toy and it sounded fairly horrible… but what else would you expect from a toy manufacturer’s attempt to cash in on the emerging drum machine market of the early ’80s?” – hollowsun.com/vintage/mattel

For more info: hollowsun.com/vintage/mattel


  1. Funny that she never actually plays with her drum machine. She seems perfectly happy beating on glasses and tables and trucks and her knees.
    I didn’t know there were ballet dancers in my electronics. Neat.


  2. I don’t think the video is cheesy at all- quite refreshing and unelectronic. With cool harmonies too.


  3. Who doesn’t want to be “perfectly happy”? When you allow yourself to become cynical and negative you become Old. Stay fresh….


  4. I use one sometimes in my live setup. they can be a bit glitchy, but they are pretty fun. here is a video of me using it with my live kit. i didnt have any crashes except for the synsonics one. which is just a longer snare waveform…


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