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Andrew Zuckerman: Music is an iPad multimedia book with interviews, photographs and portraits of 50 popular musicians. What has me interested is the theme of the interviews. Andrew asks why music is important. What makes music important to the artist. “The App is currently $4.99 and is available on in the App store: click here

“The Andrew Zuckerman: Music iPad app features dynamic portraits of over fifty musicians, from across genres, who provide their perspectives on one of the most universal and yet unexplainable art forms. It includes portraits and a short film for each contributor, as well as interviews and behind-the-scenes photography. Live text from the interviews can be organized by theme and is sharable. Musician pages link directly to the artist’s page in iTunes…” –

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  1. I got the app tonight – pretty interesting – I went straight to the Rollins and Ian MacKaye interviews first – pretty good – I was kinda disappointed when the vids were streaming though, Id have preferred a once off big download and knowing they were there to play instantly. Still v interesting esp. the Ian MacKaye interview

  2. the Phaidon Design Classics app/book is amazing too if you havent seen it – pure design eye candy, ironically I had actually bought one 1/3rd of it physically about 2 weeks before I got my iPad.

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