Das Seltsame Grau

There are few people I blindly trust my vocals with. Miro Pajic is one of them. When I was in Berlin and just last month I recording some lyrics for MIro to use. His label Lazerslut in well known in the Minimal scene and he has been very successful with Beatport. Not only has he produced another two great tracks Das Seltsame Grau and Your Lips he has gathered remixes from Ol’ Dirty Beaner (Bar 25) and PCP legend The Mover.

“The title track Das Seltsame Grau , a modern zombie-dance tale performed by Oliver, showing of his german language-skills and his usual hypnotic power. Together with Miros programming passion, this obscure piece of modern dance music puts a spell on you and the person next to you. The Horrorist wouldn’t be the Horrorist, if the music wouldn’t speak words of horror, like in Your Lips . Spooky voice effects jacketed in assertive sound structures and bulldozer bass-ground guarantee a cold shower experience and pleasing nightmares.” – miropajic.com

Das Seltsame Grau (Original Mix) – MP3
Your Lips (Original Mix) – MP3
Das Seltsame Grau (Ol Dirty Beaner Version) – MP3
Das Seltsame Grau (Ol Dirty Skirtchaser Version) – MP3
Das Seltsame Grau (The Mover Remix) – MP3


  1. glad to see that the former ‘doomcore’-stars are still doin’ something together


    1. Thanks… I didn’t know Mark was going to be on the release too!


  2. Good to hear a different sound, very groovy and fresh tracks.


  3. Very fucking awesome, very minimalistic feel with some haunting Horrorist themes. Love it!


  4. Currently listening to the first one, very funky but spooky at the same time. Kind of silly and fun but deadly serious about it.

    I don’t understand German so it sounded like “there’s a mitten in the sand”

    You lived in Berlin for quite a while right? Did you know much German before you arrived?


    1. Thanks… I took German in high school although I didn’t remember much of it. When in Berlin I took classes at a volkshochschule: http://goo.gl/VjDhI


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