djay for iPad

Man I have really drunk the Kool-Aid when it comes to touch interfaces. I’m loving all these Apps and here’s another one that looks like one fun toy. djay for iPad is not available yet. We have to wait for iOS 4.2 before this will grace our glass. It’s not Traktor S4 but fast forward in time a bit and we will have a contender. No?

“But with the imminent release of iOS 4.2, at least one developer is going to finally deliver a full featured iPad DJ app. We’ve learned that Algoriddim, the makers of the popular djay application for Mac, has ported djay over to the iPad, taking full advantage of the new iOS 4.2 audio features.” –

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Basquiat Beat Bop

By a very long mile Jean-Michel Basquiat is the visual artist closest to my heart. Growing up a native New Yorker in the 70s and 80s his paintings and illustrations mean more to me personally than anything I’ve ever seen. If you don’t know who he is you seriously owe it to yourself to watch the documentary Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child. Next, go right now and do an Google image search on his name to view some of his amazing work. Being a music based blog I thought I would share an album cover he did for Rammellzee and K-Rob. If anyone asks you which rap album is the most rare or which one would bring the most money at auction now you know.

“”Beat Bop” is a hip hop single by American rappers Rammellzee and K-Rob, originally released in 1983 by record label Tartown. Initially distributed merely as a test pressing, it is notable for being the theme of hip hop culture documentary film Style Wars and having a cover designed by famed New York graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. The result of a disagreement between Rammellzee and Basquiat, the track has been cited as having an influence on artists such as Beastie Boys and many modern experimental hip hop artists due to its chaotic, abstract sound, and, due to the rarity of its original pressing, has been called the Holy Grail of rap records.” – Wikipedia

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polychord music app for iPad from gregory Wieber on Vimeo.

The new iPad App Polychord is best described as a mix between Audanika’s SoundPrism, Cognitone’s Harmony Navigator and a vintage Hammond Auto-Vari 64. The App pushes you toward only playing parts that sound right together so anyone can pick it up and sound like a real musician. I don’t mean to diminish the App’s usefulness as a real tool because it’s inspiring me left and right. There is a nice selection of drum patterns and you can control the tempo. There is also an arpeggiator which you can nicely fade in and out of it’s own sound (it will make sense when you try it). If they get this App working with Midi/external sounds it’s going to be drop dead essential. In the meantime your results will be thesixtyone indie or like the awesome wedding song in Napoleon Dynamite.

I’m having great fun making pretty music with Polychord. It’s $9.99 and available now (App Store link): click here

“Polychord is drums, bass, chords, and accompaniment all wrapped into one. Simply press one of the chord circles and your on your way to writing a song. Drums and bass follow the chords automatically, but the coolest part is probably the strum keys on the right: simply swipe your finger over the yellow keys to strum a chord.” –

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Adam at AES 2010

The key to what Mr. Capputo says is, “The A7X has twice the power and a considerably larger cabinet consequently better low frequency as well.”. The larger amp is what your paying for. The true power is what I look for first when shopping for monitor speakers. They have to be high powered for me to like them.

“Adam Audio U.S. Rep Robert Capputo gives us a quick tour of the offerings in the Adam AX line, talks about the success of the Adam A-series line, and the tweeter design in the new speakers.” –

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Cults – Most Wanted

I love sweet songs with devious meanings. The song Most Wanted by New York band Cults certainly fits the bill! I discovered the song with the new free iPad App Aweditorium which I highly recommend. A little research on Cults shows they are having some success right now. They will be playing at Webster Hall on November 18, 2010.

“up late at night all alone
can’t you see that I’m trying?
trying so hard to hold on
to the things I know
but in the evening I will have to go
what I most want is bad for me I know

out in the dark, shaking hands
in the street, I’m drifting
drifting away from my family towards my foes
my mother told me you’ll reap what you sow
what you most is want is bad for me you know

back in my home late at night
all alone, I’m flying…”

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ThinkGeek Synthesizer Shirt

Well here’s one way to travel light to a gig. The Synthesizer Shirt from ThinkGeek will cost you $29.99 – $32.98. It could be worth that amount just to annoy the hell out of your friends.

“Real playable music synthesizer on your shirt. Five different pro-quality sampled instruments. Up to eight keys can be played at once (polyphony FTW!)” –

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CD Baby Vs iTunes

Derek Sivers is the man who created CD Baby. He posted an interesting article on his blog on some of what went on behind the scenes as Steve Jobs created iTunes. It shows another case of music industry battle. I think we are lucky that Tunecore was able to strike and promote a good way to get Independent music into the iTunes music store. I know there are other ways in but imagine if underground artists were locked out.

“I decided to refund everybody’s $40, with my deepest apologies. With 5000 musicians signed up, that meant I was refunding $200,000. Since we couldn’t promise anything, I couldn’t charge money in good conscience.” –

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Smule Magic Fiddle

Smule’s latest instrument for iOS is iPad specific and it’s their best instrument yet. I downloaded Magic Fiddle last night and played with it for about two hours straight. If you know me you know I like old detuning analog synths. The Magic Fiddle has some of that quality mixed with a slide guitar type of sound. This App feels like a very responsive real instrument. Because it’s a Smule product it has great interactive tutorials built in, social media hooks and a songbook. You can also expand your song collection via in App purchases. If you tried other Smule Apps and were underwhelmed still try this one it’s killer. It’s available in the App store now for $2.99: click here

“Play songs by following streams of colored light in the Songbook.” –

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For the price of a plug-in you can buy a Meeblip. It’s a digital synthesizer that’s fully buildable, hackable and modifiable. It has a MIDI din and a volume knob that goes to 11. What could be the most interesting thing about the synth is who is comes from. It’s a partnership between James Grahame of Reflex Audio and Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music. Therefore, any cool hack, trick or update on the little box will surely be covered on the CDM blog. That fact alone makes me want to be part of the story. If you have a kid and you don’t mind the risk of getting him too involved in the music industry put one of these together with him this December.

“It’s a hardware box that makes noises – virtual analog synth noises, chip-sounding noises, good noises, bad noises, noises you can make into music. It’s got physical knobs and switches on it, plus a MIDI DIN in port so you can connect that keytar you bought on eBay… The MeeBlip is the creation of James Grahame, of Retro Thing and Reflex Audio fame. (He tells the full history of how it came to be.) But we’re serious about the Create Digital Music name going on there, too… At the same time, just because it’s “open source” and “hackable” doesn’t mean the MeeBlip is just for hackers. On the contrary – we wanted a synth anyone could play. With the Quick Build Kit, you can assemble the MeeBlip without a soldering iron or, really, much skill, in a matter of minutes.” – Peter Kirn

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ReBirth for iPad

What’s better than ReBirth on the iPhone? ReBirth on the iPad. Get it: click here

“ReBirth, the legendary Techno Micro Composer, is on the iPad now! In this video ReBirth guru Kurt “Peff” Kurasaki gives us a walkthrough of the new iPad features, teaches beat-making Rebirth style, and shares his thoughts on the legacy of the app.” – PropellerheadSW

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