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Be warned the service I am mentioning today may not be legit. Would you pay to have your SoundCloud tracks played more? Cloud Promotion says it will get you a set number of “Plays” for money. It seems the service is based in Europe because their prices are listed in Euros and the English text is well messed up (fancy detective work I know). Some examples: 1000 Plays for 25 Euro or 5000 Plays for 75 Euro. The site looks very much like the SoundCloud site. Is it officially affiliated with them somehow? Does it matter who listens to your songs? I know I would like a target audience not just 1000 random people. Lastly, would 1000 Plays = 25 actual song sales?

I tried to find some mention of Cloud Promotion in the SoundCloud forums but I couldn’t figure out a way to search there. If I am missing an obvious way to search the forums someone please let me know.

“With cloud Promotion You Can Have A couple bunch of Traffic to your mix or track And Make Easy The Audience of Your Dream” –

For more info:

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  1. They’re based in France. Hats off to your fancy detective work :)

    $ whois


    *** Moderated – As per request by Cloud-Promotion I removed the Whois information. Savvy readers will be able to get the info from Whois if it is publicly available.

  2. Typical ‘pay to play’ crap, Myspace is full of these kind of spam ‘services’. Whats the point.

    Hopefully SC will find a way of blocking them. I already get 30+ unsolicited tracks per week, SC doesn’t need to become another Myspace.

  3. Long time reader, first time poster.

    This is pretty typical spam/play generator kind of deal. It’s quite expensive too. I doubt any of the plays come from real people.

    There are plenty of legitimate ways of getting people to listen without using this service. It just takes a little hard work and patience. I average around 40k plays a week on SC and it’s all from blogs/twitter/facebook.

    I agree with Michael, I hope they find a way to block this kind of thing.

  4. Hello everybody i am the owner of the site;

    First of don’t blame me too much, my english is very bad .
    the website was build for promotion of soundcloud .
    the original name was soundcloud-promotion but few time ago guy “david” from
    soundcloud contact me to stop to use the registred trademark and design from
    soundcloud because i have not the right to do “sorry for that” this also to not trick people
    that think we are affiliate with soundcloud this is not the case.
    the guy david ask

    email copy :

    *** Moderated: I removed the actual copy of the SoundCloud email as per their request. Please honor private communications. It was a standard notice and readers of Wire to the Ear will understand the gist of it.

    So for this i have change entire the design and the url to

    Also “david” ask me the mechanic of the service because at first he was thinking and maybe he continue to think that it bot or something like this
    that artificial increase the plays.
    So for this i guaranteed it not bot trick only real people listen your music all come from outside soundcloud.
    We use of twitter, facebook some similar high network traffic to link your music and that all it’s called promotion.

    I receive many request from some label that are interested.
    So to be clear with all people think it’s scam or bot etc..
    it’s the same principe that use people with some money to have ads on high traffic network site nothing more.
    we do not guaranteed that people listen your music will like only they listen if they like they download it but since most of the traffic come from outside it’s normal people cannot write com and fav.

    I hope to be clear also i request to the owner of this site to remove
    the whois information it’s not correct to post this :(

    Thanks from France

  5. Hi Everyone… I hate to moderate comments but I also don’t want to hurt companies businesses. I know it’s a fine line I don’t want to be involved in :) If the readers revolt mostly I will be forced to leave things up.

    1. I am interested in promotional tools such as this but it would be great to see some actual examples of how the tracks are promoted dont you think? @Nunoz- could you please post some examples of how materials are promoted?

  6. So, I’m going to make you all a favor and try the service.
    But mostly because I’m frustrated about simple-minded people making up unrelated reasons which are supposed to prove this to be a scam.
    I’m not going to point any fingers but god damn it Sparky, people like you piss me off so much. You’ve placed yourself in a position where you are best compared to annoying and unwanted radio noise. HOW is your comment relevant?

    Oh darn it, looks like I pointed all my fingers after all, maybe that fits me into your conspiracy theory.

    1. Oh yeah, one more thing.
      I subscribed for 2500 listens.
      Just so that you get 250% as much reason to flame me when I’m report back here with the result.


    What can I say. It’s not 2500 yet, but I’m pretty confident it will be.

    Then again, what the point is in having 2500 meaningless plays is a whole other thing.

    So the deal is that they do this on one track, but I got it on 2 as a “new customer” gesture.

    If anyone could find a point in getting 2500 untargeted listens, please let me know.

  8. 16% Italy
    14% Chile
    11% Russian Federation
    8% Ukraine
    6% Egypt

    This Week Total
    Plays 1644 3421
    Comments 2 31
    Favoritings 1 6
    Downloads 2 47
    Profile Views 58 377

    So, these stats just make my soundcloud look really wierd…
    I can’t see any value in this product whatsoever, please share your thoughts. For all I know, it could just be an embedded player as a 1×1 px with sound off.

    1. I actually wrote 1×1 px object (as a tag) but it was automatically removed because I typed it as a tag… And weird is the correct spelling ;)

      1. Is it the first two songs on your profile? One thing I notice is maybe the amount of comments vs plays seems off? Like if 1300 people listened wouldn’t more have commented? Just thinking…

        1. I think 58 profile views for 1644 plays is even more off.

          My conclusion of this so called Promotion service is that it’s absolute shit and in reality probably harmful for ones reputation.

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