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Last night i picked up an Amplitude iRig from Best Buy (about $40). It wasn’t too long until I had some old gear going through any music Apps that allowed input. The photo above shows a Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-110 into the Moog Filtatron app. iRig works as advertised and I was very impressed with Filtatron. I think that Moog hired some good coders because it sounds right. I also think it was smart of them to release this on touch devices and not as a plug-in that you would have use a mouse with. This thing begs to be played with. The feedback and tape delay effects are great. I tried to plug a Shure SM58 directly into the iRig but I think I need a pre-amp to get my signal much hotter before it will be of any use.

“Simply plug the iRig interface into your mobile device, plug your instrument into the appropriate input jack, plug in your headphones, amp or powered speakers, download ‘AmpliTube FREE’ version for iPhone or for iPad, and start rocking!” –

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14 thoughts on “Vintage into New”

  1. personally, i’ve experienced some serious latency and massive frequency cut on high and lows when using the filtatron. When playing samples from the internal sampler of the app, everything is fine.

    But with realtime audio input, the signal is late and quite crappy compared to the original. I’m using an Iphone 3gs, the Irig and Proel standard cables, and I guess my sound card is not to blame since it’s going straight into a mixer channel to the speakers.

    Filtration in itself is undoubtably good and sounds right, but in my experience currently the app needs some serious tweaking when it comes to audio input.

    Las but not least, i was completely astonismapp. Sound quality is better, and audio signal stays (nearly) in sync, but obviously we have no fancy filtration….

    where did i go wrong?!

  2. i messed up the final sentence. I meant that i was

    “completely astonished when i discovered that the Amplitube app has no such problems Sound quality is better, and audio signal stays (nearly) in sync, but obviously we have no fancy filtration… “

  3. must get – i jus recorded first output from the iPad a second ago – just messin around in iDrum – while I dont like the presetty nature of iDrum it is definitely a good way to map beat patterns I think – I could only bring in as mono cause I just used a guitar cable with a normal headphone adapter at end – tbh though I think that’s good because it forced me to seperate the layers in Ableton and pan them myself in it (and also applied some Nebula on each track) –

    if iRig becomes stnadardised it would be cool – I presume atm it only works for apps which were originally iPhone?

      1. yeh I love Nebula3 – I mainly use the Tape emulations and the EQs – the AngelsHI one has beautiful perfect ‘air’ – I think its well worth 80 euro –

        it still can get a bit unstable when you’ve a TONNE of duplicate plugs of it – but apart from that its great –

  4. Nice post! We haven’t had the latency problem either. I have an SM58 and iRig right here next to me as I was playing with the combination a few days ago. I used an XLR–>1/4″ adapter to plug it into iRig (274-016C from Radio Shack is what I had laying around) and it worked well with AmpliTube with more than enough signal to do some cool overdriven and delayed vocals.

  5. Oliver – If you need a very small preamp for the Shure dynamic mic or a Ribbon then try the TritonAudio Fethead or Fethead Filter inline mic pre.. Gives a great kick in the arse to the signal.

    For other hardware such as synths etc then try their BigAMP

    Only issue is you need to feed these Phantom Power from somewhere.

  6. i’m definitely having a lot of fun with the Filtatron on the iPad! i used the Camera Connection Kit’s usb connector with a 5 year old Griffin iMic plugged in and it worked really well for line level signals.

    in order to get a guitar to sound decent, i did add a tc electronic booster/line driver pedal before the iMic, and it worked like a charm.

    seeing how well it works with just stuff i had ‘laying around’ has definitely convinced me something like the iRig is definitely worth looking at. i’m guessing a trip to Best Buy is in the cards for me too this week…

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