Beat Markers in iMovie 11

Back in May I had a post titled Make music videos with iMovie in 5 minutes. It lead to a Macworld article on Beat Markers in iMovie 10. Gary at MacMost has posted the above video tutorial of the same concept albeit with iMovie 11. Can you see how very it easy it is to make a competent music video? I really love this.

“Beat Markers allow you to set points in an audio track and then drop in video with cuts that match the beats. After timing out the beats in a soundtrack, all you need to do is drag and drop video or photos into iMovie and the video will be cut to match the markers. You can even add transitions that fit along with the beats.” –

For more info:

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6 thoughts on “Beat Markers in iMovie 11”

  1. how much is iMovie or does it come free with new Macs?

    that looks very handy

    cos seriously I’ve been looking for a freeware solution to literally just stick frames on a timeline and be able to match them to the waveform (I can make the frames I want and animations etc in other applications) for a good while now – Windows Movie Maker doesnt zoom quite close enough on the waveform so you cant get exact beat matching :S

    if anyone knows of a Windows program that is cheap or preferably freeware that can do this please tell me :D

  2. It looks like markers which you can do in premiere, after effects or final cut pro.
    With after effects you can map amplitude to any effect.
    But nice for a free app

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