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Man I have really drunk the Kool-Aid when it comes to touch interfaces. I’m loving all these Apps and here’s another one that looks like one fun toy. djay for iPad is not available yet. We have to wait for iOS 4.2 before this will grace our glass. It’s not Traktor S4 but fast forward in time a bit and we will have a contender. No?

“But with the imminent release of iOS 4.2, at least one developer is going to finally deliver a full featured iPad DJ app. We’ve learned that Algoriddim, the makers of the popular djay application for Mac, has ported djay over to the iPad, taking full advantage of the new iOS 4.2 audio features.” –

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2 thoughts on “djay for iPad”

  1. I feel that app is using the medium the wrong way. Just like how every 303 software synth also tries to LOOK like a 303, this app tries to mimic DJing with two decks.

    The right way forward would be accurate beat finder and auto-sync.

    Having said that, very cool app though! :)

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