ReBirth for iPad

What’s better than ReBirth on the iPhone? ReBirth on the iPad. Get it: click here

“ReBirth, the legendary Techno Micro Composer, is on the iPad now! In this video ReBirth guru Kurt “Peff” Kurasaki gives us a walkthrough of the new iPad features, teaches beat-making Rebirth style, and shares his thoughts on the legacy of the app.” – PropellerheadSW

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9 thoughts on “ReBirth for iPad”

  1. Big day for music apps on the iPad! I slightly resent paying full price after already paying for the practically useless iPhone version (maybe a bit harsh, but I used it once then never again)… however, I did get started on making music all those years ago with a cracked copy of Rebirth so I guess I owe them that at least ;) Going to check it out now :)

    1. Now this is more like it – the Rebirth we know and love, no stupid scrolling and zooming :) The controls are maybe a bit too small but they’d have to deviate from the original designs to sort that, ruining the mods in the process. Aah, “Default Song” brings back memories!

      I see no way of getting audio out of it other than a line in cable though. Hopefully I’m wrong, I’ve not looked properly… A shame if not, particularly with iMS-20 lacking AudioCopy/Paste too, but at least that lets you render your mixdown. Hopefully that’ll come with time… maybe Apple could even come up with an official multimedia copy/paste API?

      Feels like the true potential of the iPad as a creative tool is starting to be realised anyway, which is brilliant :)

      1. I should look harder before responding, you can upload MP3’s or Rebirth files online. Still, copy and paste would be a welcome addition.

        1. Yeah the iPad needs a better way to share files with all it’s Apps and for that matter someway for Apps to interact but it’s early days still… if Apple doesn’t figure it out someone else will.

  2. seriously its like the app store knows what I want

    I ordered my first Apple product ever last week (an iPad) and it should be arriving today – since I ordered it the MS-20 and Rebirth have come out!


    first 3 things Im gonna get:




    Oliver go on try and get Jason Bernard to admit Reason is in the works :D (again hehe)

    1. Though I like the name Jason… it’s not my name.. ;-)

      And you know… if we were or were not working on something Reason related for iPad, I would not spill the beans.

  3. At first i was mad about having to buy it again for the iPad at $15, but the Peff came through with that video and convinced me. Looks like a lot of fun with the multitouch and bigger buttons. Agree it was all but uselessly cramped on the iPhone whereas this looks about perfect!

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