Korg iMS-20

Yay Korg. The iMS-20 is a full MS20 recreation for the iPad with some nice additions including an analog sequencer, drum machine, Kaoss Pad and SoundCloud integration. Let’s hope the knobs and connectors are as fun and easy to use as on the iElectribe.

UPDATE: It’s in the store now for $15.99. Here’s the link: click here

“A complete recreation of the legendary Korg MS-20 analog synth. Built-in 16-step analog sequencer to control the sound. Music production studio with the MS-20 mono synth, a six-part drum machine, and a mixer. Kaoss Pad function allows intuitive performance and control. Publish and share your iMS-20 songs online with the SoundCloud music distribution site. By combining a recreation of the Korg MS-20 analog synthesizer, an analog step-style sequencer, six-part drum machine, Kaoss-style performance, and a mixer to control it all, the iMS-20 will transform your iPad into one way-cool sound studio for the modern musician – and the analog enthusiast as well!” – korg.com

For more info: korg.com

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29 thoughts on “Korg iMS-20”

  1. This and the iElectribe make me want an iPad, alot. Does the iPad have the capabilities to run more than one app like this at a time?

  2. I think korg needs to have the exact ipad apps as AU/VST’s so that you can use the ipad to compose/sketch and then transfer the sequences to your DAW.. Oliver.. care to put a bug in their ears? ;)

  3. i like the look of this =)

    i cant wait for something that combines these korg apps with the new midi support =)

    then i can control my ipad from my iphone, and plug the output of the ipad into my mac and record it =P

    seems like a long way for a shortcut, but i want to do it anyway =)

  4. I have now got this and I bloody love it – if anyone knows how to actually make the loops you make into full songs I would be most grateful – I cant find a manual for it :s

    this was entirely made on iMS-20 – I know its fairly short haha and obviously just a loop – but the soundquality is pretty good IMO and it was great uploading straight to Soundcloud from it:


  5. yeh the printing techniques of screens making are deffo gonna start coming through soon – cant wait – i can understand why they made it that size as it needed to be marketed for portableness which is its primary function – but it is absolutely not the main thing Id be looking for eheh – maybe they’ll bring out an ‘XXL’ edition like Nintendo did with the DS…

  6. is there a way to export the manual from ipad? i want to read and try at the same time but cant do that on the ipad. or somewhere to download the manual to my pc?

  7. Are there any video tutorials available? The manual is nice, but I would love to learn how to create and save my own drum tracks and then add bass and synth sounds afterwards

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