Izotope Nectar

Izotope will be releasing a vocal plug-in this month called Nectar. The software will have Pitch Correction, Breath Control, Compressors, a DeEsser, Doubler, Saturation, EQ, Gate, Limiter, Delay and a Reverb. It will be $199 at launch then jump to $299 shortly after. I use Ozone and Trash quite often and considering every song I have is graced with my voice (subject to opinion I know) Nectar could end up in my AU folder. As with other Izotope plug-ins there will be an extensive preset browser too.

“Nectar offers dozens of professionally designed vocal production styles powered by eleven processing modules. Users will select an included style and then customize it with faders tailored to that style. For further customization of their vocal sound, users can switch to the Advanced View and access all of the controls of the underlying modules that power the plug-in… iZotope Nectar is ideal for audio engineers, voice over artists, singer/songwriters, recording enthusiasts, podcasters, and anyone else who records sung or spoken vocals. Its dozens of styles cover genres including: Alternative & Indie, Blues/R&B, Classical, Country, Dance & Electronica, Hip Hop & Rap, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Spoken Word.” – izotope.com

For more info: izotope.com/products/audio/nectar/


  1. Yes I saw the demo at AES today. I was impressed. With the presets you could quickly give the voice track a specific character and then from those you could tweak further. So it will be for me a timesaver for keying in an initial voice sound for the production.

    Some of the presets were fun-hokey like the seventies rock preset.


  2. Visit us at MixDSP.net for a special introductory price on iZotope’s new Nectar Complete Vocal Suite.


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