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This week Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music posted a great article on the upcoming full MIdi support in iOS 4.2. We are getting “WiFi Midi” which appears to be an Apple proprietary system for Apple devices to communicate wirelessly and official USB Midi support via the iPad Camera Connection Kit (Amazon link). It seems we will enter the next phase of music software and hardware on iOS devices once developers have the new Core MIDI goodness in their hands for a while. Is my Atari ST jealous yet? Read the full article on CDM here:

“In iOS 4.2, best known for leveling the playing field between Apple’s handhelds and tablet, you’ll get full-blown MIDI support. It was clear in leaked details from earlier releases that Apple’s Core MIDI framework was finding new life on the mobile OS, but not directly what that would mean for hardware. Now, the hardware picture is clear.” – Peter Kirn

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4 thoughts on “iOS Full Midi Support”

  1. Actually, it’s not entirely accurate to say Apple has implemented a proprietary MIDI schema for WiFi MIDI (or what they call “Network MIDI,” available via Ethernet and WiFi)

    Basically, the data transmission is based on a published spec for the transport layer – RTP MIDI.

    Apple does use their own session management. It’s unclear to me whether something else would be able to support it – or, for that matter, whether it’d be worth the effort.

    There isn’t a standard for this stuff, though, for them to support, just some documents floating around that have some ideas.

  2. Hi everyone,

    there are at least two compatible things to be found:

    a.) the MIDI-driver I have created for Windows (
    b.) – a hardware midi-gateway

    Both can be used to connect to OS X and iOS (4.2) based CoreMIDI apps.


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