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If you forget the T-Pain/Cher effect Auto-Tune is a highly useful and good sounding plug-in. I’ve been using the previous version for a few months now and it does add a certain something to a vocal that I haven’t found in other plug-ins. I use Melodyne too but they are different enough tools if vocals are very important to your music. Besides correction there is added sheen that I think you would associate more with a good pre-amp and mic. You can also nicely lower a vocal’s pitch with some formant settings and it sounds very interesting.

“This video, produced by Groove 3 Inc., is an overview of Auto-Tune 7’s new features, focusing especially on Auto-Tune 7’s new time manipulation features.” – antaresaudio

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4 thoughts on “Autotune 7”

  1. Is the graphical mode better in this version? I could never figure it out in the earlier ones. Melodyne, for me, just seemed much more intuitive. But some people say the exact opposite, go figure.

    1. It is better but I still use Auto-Tune as a set and forget plug-in… different settings each time but I really don’t tweak things or edit much after I set the initial effect I want. I would really try the demo out I think it’s a different animal and if you can afford it worthy addition to Melodyne.

  2. I’ve always wondered if Auto-Tune added a little something to the track as you mentioned, a sheen. I like Melodyne, but after using it I feel like there’s something missing. I wonder if we are all getting use to the sonic subtleties of Auto-Tune, and not necessarily just “perfect” pitch. I’m catching signature Auto-Tune tails on a lot of songs that I didn’t hear before.

    Here’s a question that I can’t find the answer to anywhere. What are the pros using on stage for live pitch correction? Yeah, if they’re pros then they don’t need it, but I know a lot are using it regardless. Is everyone using the AVP-1 or the plug-in or what? I tried a VoiceLive2 and sent it back…something about it was strange and felt off. Anyways, great posts as always.

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