Autotune 7

If you forget the T-Pain/Cher effect Auto-Tune is a highly useful and good sounding plug-in. I’ve been using the previous version for a few months now and it does add a certain something to a vocal that I haven’t found in other plug-ins. I use Melodyne too but they are different enough tools if vocals are very important to your music. Besides correction there is added sheen that I think you would associate more with a good pre-amp and mic. You can also nicely lower a vocal’s pitch with some formant settings and it sounds very interesting.

“This video, produced by Groove 3 Inc., is an overview of Auto-Tune 7′s new features, focusing especially on Auto-Tune 7′s new time manipulation features.” – antaresaudio

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  1. Calvin says:

    Is the graphical mode better in this version? I could never figure it out in the earlier ones. Melodyne, for me, just seemed much more intuitive. But some people say the exact opposite, go figure.

    • It is better but I still use Auto-Tune as a set and forget plug-in… different settings each time but I really don’t tweak things or edit much after I set the initial effect I want. I would really try the demo out I think it’s a different animal and if you can afford it worthy addition to Melodyne.

  2. Everfly says:

    I’ve always wondered if Auto-Tune added a little something to the track as you mentioned, a sheen. I like Melodyne, but after using it I feel like there’s something missing. I wonder if we are all getting use to the sonic subtleties of Auto-Tune, and not necessarily just “perfect” pitch. I’m catching signature Auto-Tune tails on a lot of songs that I didn’t hear before.

    Here’s a question that I can’t find the answer to anywhere. What are the pros using on stage for live pitch correction? Yeah, if they’re pros then they don’t need it, but I know a lot are using it regardless. Is everyone using the AVP-1 or the plug-in or what? I tried a VoiceLive2 and sent it back…something about it was strange and felt off. Anyways, great posts as always.

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