PPG Wave 3.V

Waldorf is preparing the latest version of it’s soft PPG… version 3.V. They have added sample playback from the awesome looking and named Waveterm. I really liked the previous versions of the plug-in because they definetly sounded different. I admit though I never ended up using the PPG in a song. That’s not going to stop me from trying again.

“Besides the well-known features of the PPG Wave 2.V our new plug-in offers sample playback based on the classic PPG Waveterm technology. We have added some nice stuff like an opulent effects section, filter drive as well as an extensive sound browser. Not enough? Well, what would you say if we added the complete Waveterm B sample library and more than 130 wavetables (a lot of new stuff created by Wolfgang Palm).” – waldorfmusic.de

For more info: waldorfmusic.de

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3 thoughts on “PPG Wave 3.V”

  1. yeh I constantly try to use the V2 of this in songs but its very hard for me to find any sounds I like due to the total lack of preset naming eheh – hopefully theyll add that to this update too :) – looks great definitely – Waldorf Attack is a great VST too, D-Pole is mental/good – but causes serious BSODs for me frequently :s

  2. This looks cool. I’ll be waiting for this one. I just got a load of Waldorf synths over the past few weeks. Q, Pulse and a Microwave II. But the OS on the uWave is toast, so i need new OS chips, or a new mobo replacement.

  3. i use wave v2 a lot, especially for pads. i just sat down one day and tried to wrap my head around it. it definitely has its own language, but once you master it, it’s a synth with a very strong character. i’m blown away by the sound of it every time. many people say it relates poorly to the hardware. if so, the hardware must sound incredible.

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