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Welcome to the new Myspace

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MySpace has launched an all new redesign. It’s supposed to be much cleaner and sport a panel design not too unlike the Flipboard app for the iPad. I always thought the exodus from the side was a shame. I doubt they can regain their relavance. More importantly can we trust them to stop plastering large advertisements all over profiles? Here’s two articles about the reboot: The My-Fill-In-the-Space Reset Is Here, As Struggling Social Network Morphs Into Entertainment Hub (All Things Digital) and News Corp. Reboots MySpace in Quest to Recapture Young Crowd (Bloomberg).

“If the site doesn’t turn around, New York-based News Corp. will likely sell the business within two years, analyst Bank said. MySpace is worth about $300 million, Alan Gould, an analyst with New York-based Evercore Partners Inc., said in an e-mail.” –

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