Im Rhythmus Bleiben

There’s a classic Front 242 track called Im Rhythmus Bleiben in which the Belgian EBM group scream for you to stay on the rhythm. To do so properly I highly suggest an analog sequencer. Therefore check out the photo of the upcoming (late 2010) Doepfer Dark Time. Doepfer has loaded it up with features and it will run about 450 EURO. This is very high on my acquisition list.

“Dark Time is an analog sequencer that is planned in the first place as an add-on for the Dark Energy. But it may be used even in combination with other Midi, USB or CV/Gate equipment too.” –

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  1. Get a kick out of how much you talk about Front 242, because I am the same, never got over that era. I’m still picking out new layers I havn’t heard before. Considering a modern install of Ableton has more power than all of their former studios combined, the question always comes up, ‘how did they get so much right at the time?’ I believe part of the answer is the tactile nature of the instruments, which is why people like Doepfer will always have a market. As far as this sequencer goes, she looks fantastic. Speaking of analog and sequencing, I’m wondering if the upcoming NAMM will have any surprises from Jared // Future-Retro?
    THX, Jason // Chicago

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