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So as usual Apple has released a bunch of new items and previewed some tasty things. I like the new Macbook Air in theory but until they get a bit more quick they are useless as live show machines. Facetime in OSX is a no brainer if you have an iPhone 4 and a spouse at home. iLife 11 seems to be just a minor feature bump. It’s still killer software that makes all Macs even nicer especially considering the price. With regards to this blog any music instruction is good so if you get a copy please watch a few piano lessons in Garage Band ok? Lion is what has me happy. The new Mac App store is going to be great and bringing much of the iOS stuff into OSX is a win. Don’t kid yourself and believe what Steve said today about touch screen Macs. He’s lying through his teeth… they are coming 100%.

“We took our best thinking from Mac OS X and brought it to the iPhone. Then we took our best thinking from the iPhone and brought it to iPad. And now we’re bringing it all back to the Mac with our eighth major release of the world’s most advanced operating system. Mac OS X Lion arrives in summer 2011.” –

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  1. I agree touch is coming, the time is just not ripe for it. They will do as usual, wait for all the others to try and fail and then get the right product out in the right time.

    For the rest, I had the feeling osx was going down a road of crap before, and this is just confirming it. But let me explain that better.

    Mac os is not an os for professionals anymore, they keep that in because it’s good for their image, but in reality what they want is the average joe customer. People who watch movies and surf the web, and who spend money on apps.

    Why is there no 24″ iMac anymore? Becasue the iMac is not intended to be a computer, it’s more kind of an interactive tvset.
    Why do they even produce something like the Macbook air? Because the target has changed…

    That they have opened up a bit with he iPhone/iPad market and allowed midi and stuff like that is not because they want to do something for the pro musicians, but because there’s a big consumer market around music apps, and that’s not something they can or want to look past. Of course that’s good for everybody who makes musik, and one could say, who cares about why they do it… but I say we are investing our good money in their products, so it’s better to think ahead…

    Apple is realizing they can make more money with providing a paid software repository than with hardware (as they used to). So here comes the App store for the mac. We’ll have to see if it works or not, but it might work fine! I mean, the repository thing has been working on Linux for a decade now, linux is just not mac os…
    If the app store on the mac succeeds this will mean that Apple with have even more power over developers, over content, over information…

    Tiger was a great os, rock solid and fast. Since then things have kept on going worse and worse. Leopard was bad, buggy and slow, and Snow leopard, in some regards has been even worse. I never had so many problems with my mac as in the last 4 years. With the degrade in software I’ve also seen a big degrade in hardware quality. My g4 iBook still works fine (slow like molasses, but it works), whereas I know 5 people who had a unibody Macbook pro and all had to get a new one within less than 3 years. That’s a 1600€- 2000€ Laptop that just craps out after little more than 2 yeas! I had more problems with my mac pro in the studio than I had with my pc at home, and that’s really all I can say about it…

    And about iLife… well, what price are you considering? They price it like that only because they have spilled you an outrageous amount of money for the hardware…

    I think people have turned a bit too uncritical towards Apple… and that’s really a bad thing!

    1. What problems in specific do you have with Snow Leopard? I use it all day without a hitch. The real question is… if not OSX then what? I use a new computer at work with Windows 7 on it and it’s not bad but certainly not as nice/good/polished as OSX. Thanks for your points just want to see where your problem lies. I agree we should be more critical…

  2. I’m probably a bit over-negative towards Apple after my troubles…
    Anyway my troubles have been: when Leopard first came out my mac would go into kernel panik every time I plugged in my firewire interface. It took them 5 sub-releases to fix that problem. Since Tiger the computer just became slower, sucking more ram. You now need at least 6 or 8 Gigs for ram to run anything without continuous slowdowns.
    Since snow leopard I have a lot of problems connecting with the server (even though it’s an apple server). Sometimes I can’t copy files, or can’t move them from one folder to another. Lables stopped working altogether.
    On all the computers in the studio we noticed that snow leopard sometimes just becomes really slow… without a real reason.

    I agree with you… if not osx what then? In fact that’s exactly the problem, because right now I feel like all the choices start to look equally bad… or better not really bad, just not really good enough for the money.

    Windows still has one slight advantage: costs.
    If you compare it: We’ve spent 2.500 € for a mac pro in the studio and it’s giving us headaches all the time, at home I built myself a pc for 1.100 (monitor and windows included), it doesn’t look as good, but it works just fine (and anyway why spend money on the look of something that you keep under your desk anyway). Windows sure is not as nice/polished/good as osx, and it gave me headaches as well, but at least it made me save 1.400 €… that’s enough money to pay for a month long holiday… it’s a lot of money! And irony of it all, After Effects or Photoshop (programs I mainly work with) run a lot faster on my homemade pc… I can’t explain it either, but that’s how it is…

  3. Okay, now we definitely need a podcast. ;)

    I couldn’t disagree more on the touchscreen laptop thing — the gorilla arm problem is a serious one. I think Apple’s choice makes some sense.

    As for the App Store, there are some significant disconnects that happen when you bring this from iOS to the desktop.

    We need a crossfire-style chat program.

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