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Moog Music is about to release an iPhone/iPad App called Filatron. It’s a Sampler with a Filter, LFO, Feedback Generator, Delay, XY Pad and Moog GUI. You can also use the mic in for live input. Like the recent Minimoog Voyager XL I have mixed feelings on this release. On one hand Moog should be applauded for moving itself somewhat into the future. On the other hand it goes against the analog purity that was Bob Moog design. I guess it’s good we can have both.

“There’s no question this could be a gateway drug to Moog’s genuine analog gear for the mass market on iOS.” – Peter Kirn, Create Digital Music

For more info on Filatron head over to Create Digital Music who has the full scoop: click here

Oh by the way here’s another leak this time via Synthtopia. A rack mount Little Phatty for $799:

“The Moog Slim Phatty is reportedly priced at $799. This is about $700 less than the Little Phatty keyboard, making it a pretty killer price for a real analog Moog synth!” – Synthtopia

For more info:

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3 thoughts on “Moog Filtatron”

  1. Ipad 2 … will b tha S*** eheheh … iPad hasn’t even officially arrived in Portugal, the luvly Bu** of Europe :(

    BTW do try FingerBeat .. it was developed by a friend of mine from Lisbon and now Living in Glasgow. Its really nice to have lots of fun with music … (still only an iPhone app I think).


    Thanks for keeping these great daily posts/ Tips!


  2. why the mixed feelings on the minimoog XL? I haven’t played one yet, but I can’t see how it could possibly be a step backward from the voyager.

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