Wet Dry Distortion

I love plug-ins with Wet/Dry Mix knobs. It’s fantastic when you put a carefully selected effect on the Master bus and zoom in an effect for a half of a measure. I’ve noticed my friends use this trick often but rarely with distortion. My tip of the day is that Ohm Force’s Ohmicide distortion has a Wet/Dry Mix knob and it’s pretty tasty when used properly. Is it rare that Distortion plug-ins have Wet/Dry mix knobs?

“Ohmicide:Melohman can work with up to 4 frequency bands, all four bands having their own independent knobs for Noise Gate, Dynamics, Distortion, Feedback Generator and all mixing abilities, in addition of a twist of pre- and post-processing (distortion input, high shelf output and more).” – ohmforce.com

For more info: ohmforce.com

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Oliver Chesler

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9 thoughts on “Wet Dry Distortion”

  1. This is just something I love about most of the D16 plugs as well also the Multiband comps in Live and comp. in Logic!! it’s just awesome ’cause you can really go overboard then come back to a sensible a nice sounding dry/wet balance retaining a bit of the presence/ transients/ clarity and at the same time adding the dirty/ tightness/ crunch/ squeeze … parallel comp/eq/dist/ WORLD OF SOUND here we go :)

  2. @computer controlled … when I mentioned D16 plugs in included the luvly devastator and redoptor ;)

    @poopoo … I have tried (well more like a general quick look really) reaper b4 but I got the sense that it was more towards audio multi-tracking/ mixing, i.e. people that need to record lots of audio tracks…
    I have been in and out of cubase/ fruity/ reason/ acid/cakewalk/nuendo/Logic and Live (lately I just seem to go for Live more and more… I gotta say I hate dongles so Cubase pi** me off … Logic is fantastic but after more than 10 years on cubase it just doesn’t come natural to me :( ).

    I use only VST/ AU instruments, might have about 10-20 tracks of vocal snippets of loops/ cut ups … ruffly I will have 1-2 eqs (I like using eq for filters some time, but maybe it’s a bad habit from when CPU was to be spared and Filter plugs where heavy), 2 comps (1 for sidechain one for regular comp. duties), one dist. .. maybe some sort of other crazy plug.
    I will use about 1-2 Drum Machine plug ins with multiple outs, and about 4 to 6 virtual synths with lots of automation…
    4 auxs with eq/reverb/comp and/ or eq/delay /comp…

    This is in very broad terms my method of work … should I really invest my time in exploring ANOTHER DAW … right now I’m not particularly unhappy with cpu load or workflow of what I’m using… but I’ve been hearing a lot about Reaper, but a lot of the guys have they’re foot on multi-track “not so inside the box electronic driven stuff” …

    sorry for the really long reply [Shame mode: ON]



    1. when i first started on REAPER i swore it was the enemy of EDM…but its come a long way. THe thing i love about it is its unreal routing possibilites. So easy and so quick. Paramater modulation is pretty cool, but needs longer steps and the general customisation ability of the beast. It was daunting at first because it acts like no other DAW outta the box but in time, and it took a while, im doing everything i can do elsewhere except easier…It still has some basics missing like groove extraxtion/quantise, but theres extensions written for this that do the trick…
      V4 is just around the corner and Im expecting a huge release, not in volume, but in a specs.
      The devs have been v quiet for a long while now which usually means theyre busy (?)
      The other reason i rate REAPER is the awesome forum support and community of authentic cool people over there. The only forum ive ever been that doesnt dive into childish flame wars and ridiulous bullshit every other day.
      I use LIVE and AudioMulch too. These three ROCK!


  3. Ha, you beat me to the first post by a bit, and i didn’t even notice!

    Do you have a release or 2 on DJax? I think i had one of your records sometime ago.

  4. yes yes shame on me … did a few releases for Saskia, but my main stable somehow always ended up on Belgium Labels … my stuff was not 100% chicago nor pure euro synth … jacking all trades and mastering none ehehhe
    got some noise on sound cloud should be easy to find if you have some neurons to spare and a taste for gore :P

    computer controlled also sounds familiar !?

  5. @ Korruptah .. seems u’ve lived up to yer avatar :) I now must find myself some headspace and a long weekend to dive into this new V4 when it comes out … Thank you for your time and precious explanations :) much appreciated.


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