Mark Hawkins

Acid Plus Amen by Mark Hawkins

I’m chatting with a friend of mine Mark Hawkins on Skype and he’s sending me some links to his latest Acid tracks. I figured I haven’t posted yet today so I share with you as he shares with me. I met Mark when I was living in Berlin. He helped me out quite a bit getting around and showing me the ropes. He’s done plenty of releases on labels such as Djax-Up-Beats, Automatic Records, Southwark, Feinwerk, Wavescape and more. We are discussing how we both miss Berlin. He’s thinking about moving back.

“you can see on my soundcloud profile that I have the first steps of my new live thing too” – Mark Hawkins

For more info:

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5 Responses to “Mark Hawkins”

  1. Philipp says:

    This is wicked… muahahaha….

  2. Raytrace says:

    great stuff man – followin on teh Soundcloudz and ‘Liking’ on teh Facebookz – Phuture tribute is cool too :)

  3. Tazzaler says:

    Very neat track, not an Acid fan but enjoyable nonetheless. I had to double take on his name because it reminded me of Plastikman’s last name. Got to miss the DEU, just sitting in a house for a few years in that country and just going out to eat and do shopping is just enough to get it implanted in your brain that you belong there, couldn’t see the feeling of wanting to go back for you as you were quite deep into a metro area scene were you not?

  4. dominic says:

    is it me or Acid is coming back? even Plastikman released a new acid one called “Slinky”. maybe you heard it?

    • Tazzaler says:

      That track is really something else, it’s of Plastikman style yet has the Acid in it as well. It’s like his abode to Acid music instead of him just doing an acid track.

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