The Horrorist Live in Delitzsch, Germany this weekend

I’m on the road again this weekend for a few days. This time I am playing in a Germany city called Delitzsch. It’s about an hour and a half south of Berlin. In fact I will be staying in a hotel in the capital city which has me quite pleased. I have some good friends to catch up with. Some of the other artists and DJs performing include: D.I.M, Daniel Stefanik, Vicarious Bliss, Dan Drastic, Küche 80, Fengari, Psycho Devila, Schweinedizkobanger, Hodgepodge, Kratzer vs Perry live, Das Zirkuskind, Autonoma and Die Ruhestörer. It’s a nice size event so there’s about 30 more acts that I didn’t list here. Overall it’s a good mix of electrohouse, techno and minimal. I got myself a exit row on British Airways and as long as the weather lets up in NYC the journey should be ok. It’s raining and windy as hell here this morning. I am parking in the long term lot so if it’s a downpour later I risk sitting 8 hours with wet pant legs. I have my iPad loaded with more books, games and movies you could ever watch. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of Tattoos and Tequila the bestseller from the ex-frontman of Mötley Crüe front man Vince Neil. I’m in no way a Mötley fan but the stories and antics would make any musician laugh. Anyway it’s a very easy read. I’m seriously considering giving the iPad a cameo appearance during the show. If I do it will be using the Morphwiz app and a preset called Opethian. It’s good dark stuff. If you come to the show say hello. I suspect posts here will be light to none until I return.

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