Happy Birthday Wire to the Ear!

Happy Birthday by thingstocome

In three years I’ve made 937 posts. There were 40,674 visits in the last 30 days that came from 147 countries. Happy 3rd Birthday Wire to the Ear! As a birthday gift please tell all your friends who love making music that there is a blog that loves them back.

photo credit: Cle0patra

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8 Responses to “Happy Birthday Wire to the Ear!”

  1. voxish says:

    Congrats, Oliver! Keep up the good work, and thanks!

  2. ronnie says:

    Happy anniversary & thanks!

  3. Merlijn Nimmegeers says:

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Tazzaler says:


    So tempted to blast the birthday song in my class I’m posting from.

  5. Protofrangiste says:

    Happy birtday Wire to the Ear and thak you Oliver for this great blog !!!

    Keep it up !!!

  6. DJNSM says:

    Happy Bday and congrats form the creative people out in Denver.

  7. Rupert Brown says:

    a late Happy Birthday, you rock.

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