Doepfer A-100 EBM Sequences

Nothing was better than the underground 80s. Music was way out there lyrically and humans were taming electronic synths and drums in unique ways. I always thought and still feel EBM (Electronic Body Music) was a great genre. The bassline below in these videos are clearly EBM even though they are simply 16th note patterns. It’s the notes and feeling that classifies them.

“This thing can really make some nice EBM basslines!” – sampleandhold

photo credit: free-secret-life

via Matrixsynth


  1. i really like the synth in the 2nd video


  2. yeah! EBM ftw! there’s some great moments in these videos! And it really catches that EMB feeling!


  3. Computer Controlled September 15, 2010 at 1:13 pm

    Very Thomas Heckmann like. Really good.


  4. I find it interesting you use the work “was” in reference to EBM being a good genre. Do you believe that it [EBM] is dead?

    I find this interesting as late “futurepop/synthpop” group Neuroticfish shared this feeling in stressing it with their offical website’s url being

    I am stuck in the middle in the argument really, or maybe just ill-informed.


    1. Interesting you picked up on that. I don’t think any music genre actually dies. The real problem with EBM is the good stuff is rare especially these days. In the late 80s each EBM (or industrial) band had it’s own distinct personality. Today there are a lot of copy cat bands and almost none are as good as the originals. Unfortunately most of the acts from the 80s also can’t match their original albums in quality. That said a great song pops up from time to time and you never know the next “Nirvana” of the EBM world could show up… it’s unlikely but possible. That’s what’s great about music!


  5. For me EBM died in the early 90’s, the good stuff it had passed on into the techno scene. Nice videos.


  6. LOVE! that first bassline.. solid and fat.


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