Tuesday Two

Here’s two videos for Tuesday. These videos both have different musical things I like. The first video is showing Dutch producer Sebastien Léger using Ableton Live and the touchAble iPad app. The second video is the great Macbeth M5 synthesizer bleeping on it’s own accord.

touchAble featured artists video : Sebastien Léger from touchAble on Vimeo.

Macbeth M5N : Five from LEbER SOUND on Vimeo.

“Tuesday is a day of the week occurring after Monday and before Wednesday. According to international standard ISO 8601, is the second day of the week, in some traditions also the third. The English name is derived from Old English Tiwesdæg and Middle English Tewesday. This was a loan translation of Latin dies Martis, originally associating the day with the planet Mars, but the Germanic name translates Mars, the god of war, as Teiwaz (Old English Tiw).” – WIkipedia

photo credit: Leo Reynolds

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