Depeche Mode Bar in Estonia

If you happen to be in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia and you’re a huge Depeche Mode fan you may want to go to the Depeche Mode Baar. The owner Dan Buinenko says the band has been there a few times and expects them to stop over again. When I lived in Germany I noticed regular Depeche Mode nights at bars and clubs all over the country.

“What did the band make of the bar/the concept in general? I think they liked our bar. Actually, we were quite surprised when they visited us first time. But second time we were really prepared and waiting for the band, although we hadn’t sent them an official invitation. Probably they would come again, if possible. The last few times they’ve had quite good security and a nice, warm welcome.” –

Read the full interview with the owner of the bar: click here

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