My current iPad music creation apps

Here are screenshots of the two pages of music creation Apps I currently have installed on my iPad. The apps are: Aeolian Harp, audio palette, bleep!BOX, Beat Counter, Bebot, DopplerPad, Dropophone, Everyday Looper, FunkBox, iElectribe, ImproVox, iSample, iStylophone, iVoxel, Loopseque, Jasuto, Magic Piano, Melodica, MorphWiz, nanoloop, NanoStudio, NESynth, NNN MONO, Radarhead, sampletoy, SongMaker, SoundPrism, Soundrop, SoundyThingy, synthPond, Tiction AV, technoBox, TOPLAPapp, TweakyBeat and VoiceKeyboard.

Some of the Apps are iPhone Apps but because of screen size are much more fun on the iPad. There are a few music creation iPhone apps I have that I didn’t put on my iPad because they work fine on the smaller screen. Interesting the combined total price for all the Apps above if you bought them today is $137.74. I think that’s pretty good for all the touch screen sounds and creativity you get.

“The iPad has two internal speakers that push mono sound through two small sealed channels to the three audio ports carved into the bottom-right of the unit. A volume switch is on the right side of the unit. A 3.5-mm TRS connector audio-out jack on the top-left corner of the device provides stereo sound for headphones with or without microphones and/or volume controls. The iPad also contains a microphone that can be used for voice recording.” – Wikipedia

If you have any questions about any of these or want my own review just let me know.

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12 thoughts on “My current iPad music creation apps”

  1. Great collection, makes me want an iPad but I already spend too much on music gadgets! It would be nice is if you could recommend the ones which work best on the smaller screen of an iPhone4… Korg must have recognised this limitation when releasing Electribe on the iPad only.

    I was pretty disappointed to find that the Rebirth interface is almost unusable for jamming on a small screen unless Tim Burton designed your fingers. Beatmaker is a lot better with its multiple-page interface but still a bit of a mind-bender to use effectively.

    1. iElectribe works almost perfectly on the iPad… it’s just as good as owning the real thing if not better. ReBirth… yeah I don’t see the point of it… apps should be designed from the start for iOS (I see the contradiction with the iElectribe comment… heh)… Ah just get an iPad you won’t regret it… iPhone screen is nice but if you want to spend more than 15 minutes and really create music you want a larger screen.

      1. I’m sure I’d enjoy an iPad but I already nominated Novation to supply my ‘birthday present to myself’ and after that it’s time for new monitors. Maybe by the next round of gift-giving, there will be a clip-feedback aware Ableton controller app for iOS and I’ll be sucked into tablet land :)

  2. You guys should check out touchAble, amazing ableton controller app that got released today.

    It features Clip-Feedback aswell, if it’s colors, playing positions and names that you’re after :)
    I don’t even watch my monitor anymore, the iPad + touchable is all you need really :O

  3. What we need is an incredible master sequencer mixer that you can open these apps into. Right now I’m just pulling the audio into my desktop DAW (Ableton)… who knows… this is so much fun as is maybe that’s enough.

  4. I wondered if you were producing on the ipad. I’ve made plenty of grooves, I
    Even simpler than a master sequencer would be an audio pool, or a multi-level clipboard.

  5. Sorry, hair-trigger submit button.

    I wondered if you were producing on the ipad. I’ve made plenty of grooves, I just haven’t mustered the energy to keep dumping it from app (by differing methods), to itunes to Live.

    Even simpler than a master sequencer would be an audio pool, or a multi-level clipboard. Call it a media pool and photo apps would benefit, too.

  6. im thinking about getting one;
    i was reading this earlier and both look amaising =)

    i wonder if I could use it to control protools [and in doing that i could get it to control ableton, all my plugins and reason too]; im guessing that it just sends packets to the host app on your mac, and from there it turns it into midi and sends it to your DAW.

    have you tried either app ?

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