Reason and Record Update Released

The big upgrade to Propellerheads Reason and Record has just been released. The new Reason has the Kong Drum Designer, Dr. Octo Rex, Live Sampling, Blocks and more. The big new deal in Record is the Neptune pitch corrector and voice synthesizer. I’ve mentioned before I always have Reason ReWired into Ableton Live. There are several things I do with Reason that I really can’t acheive any other way. The best thing about Reason is it’s one of the most fun pieces of software to use.

“The name propellerhead comes from the pejorative term used to deprecate science fiction fans and other technophiles, who are stereotypically drawn wearing propeller beanies.” – Wikipedia

Propellerheads have a great YouTube channel: click here

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8 thoughts on “Reason and Record Update Released”

  1. d/lin the Record 1.5 update nowz – Im gonna get Reason 4-5 upgrade in a while when I’ve more money – KONG is brilliant – I usually use Reason/Redrum as my main ‘drum machine’ anyway.

  2. yeh KONG is great – I only recently realised you could put REX’s straight in it :)

    Record’s master comp is amazing too, I always put a gentle pass of it on my ‘final’ wav’s…

  3. is there any word on Reason for iPad? – I will buy my first Apple product the day that is released :p – if Mr Bernard sees this maybe he could give us some scoop on the matter? heheh

    I’m also wondering will there be some kinda crossgrade option for it when it comes out?

  4. yeh itll be perfect – I think Reason rack is between about 800-900 pixels wide – it will be perfect on 1024×768 screen – I actually think its a bit small for modern monitors at this stage – I’d actually gladly use a simple ‘big pixel’ mode like Winamp has, I dont think they would need to bother redrawing from the ground (or somehow converting to a type of vector format (which would obviously be inappropriate for the look of Reason anyway))

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