Wersi Phantasmagoric Lucite Organ

A lucite and chrome organ. I can’t believe there are five of these. They should put one of these in the glass cube Apple store for the holiday season. It would also look good in a futuristic home situated on a cliff somewhere in California. Just dreaming out loud…

“Phantasmagoric Lucite Organ and Speakers. Words fail to describe the awesomeness of this piece! Made in 1970 by Wersi Electronics, it is one of only 5 ever made. Reportedly its cost in 1970 was over $100,000. The Delta Digital DX500 organ comes replete with all manuals, control panel templates, music stand, amplified speakers, lucite dollies, pedal board, adjustable bench and chromed keys. And it works beautifully!!!” – 1stdibs.com

For more photos and info: 1stdibs.com


  1. that is incredible – yeh it would look brilliant on one of those saucer with stilts sticking out the side of a mountain 60’s sci-fi houses in LA, I love those houses – they’re always in the movies – loved when Roddy Piper got thrown out of one through the window in They Live :D


    1. It really is a pretty piece… I’ve reloaded the post a few times just to see it again.


  2. if Liberace became a robot – thats what he’d a played


  3. Looks like Daft Punk grabbed it :) At 7:20 http://youtu.be/eYDvxo-M0OQ


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