NME 50 Best New Bands 2010

50 Best New Bands Of 2010 by Tim Chester NME

London based NME Magazine has put together a SoundCloud playlist of what it thinks 50 recent hot bands sound like. There has to be at least a few gems on here right? I’m listening this morning as I print some spreadsheets for work. So far I haven’t got to a song I’d buy but I’m only 4 into it. Let me know if any of these songs bands get your brain going. Here’s the original post on the NME website: click here

“Now we’re over halfway through the year, we thought it was high time we looked back and rounded up the most exciting new acts to surface in 2010. Here, then, are the 50 bands who’ve blown our minds over the past few months. Oh, and if you’re in a new band yourself, make sure you sign up to NME Breakthrough – it’s a great way of sharing your music with others and, just maybe, earning a write-up in the pages of NME.” – nme.com

So do you like any of these?

For more info: nme.com

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5 Responses to “NME 50 Best New Bands 2010”

  1. ronnie says:

    I took a quick look at the list and the only one I know (and like quite a lot) is The Drums – ‘Lets Go Surfing’ on #49.

    Perhaps not a new band but one I would expect on this list is the Two Door Cinema Club. Love their “Something Good Can Work” tune.

    Then again, I’m so out of the loop I haven’t a clue about “best new bands”

  2. NOPE says:

    NME is so out of touch. This stuff sounds like the trends of two years ago.

  3. dave says:

    hey oliver – check out katy b “on a mission” and magnetic man “i need air” catchy and hypnotic synth lines and dubstep beats

  4. JD says:

    Out of the 50 listed i really could only pick maybe 5 tops . I tend to have a real dislike for this “inoffensive indie” sound that has been around for awhile , that sound just makes me think of car and ipod commercials . While some of the writing may not be terrible , it’s just not for me .

  5. GaryG says:

    Today, I’m officially old.

    There was a time (late 80s) when I’d look at the end of year NME charts and see how many of the albums I had (averaged around a dozen most years I guess).

    From that new chart, i have heard of exactly *one*. Never heard them mind, just of them…

    Of course, maybe I’ve just outgrown the NME… ;)

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