Ableton Flatten and Collect All

Collect all and save in Ableton from danny bonnici on Vimeo.

This video from Danny Bonnici is a good quick reminder on how to Flatten a Frozen track and archive a project for later use or to send to someone to remix. Whenever I am 100% finished with a song I do exactly this process, zip the project folder and save it in a few places. Remember a few years, computers, DAWs and Operating Systems down the road chances are some of your plug-ins won’t work. Convert them to audio before it’s too late.

“When tracks are frozen, the audio les that are created are 32 bit, which ensures that they will not be lower quality than the audio heard prior to freezing. Please note that the Flatten command replaces any original clips and devices with the audio les created by freezing.” – Ableton Live User Manual

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4 thoughts on “Ableton Flatten and Collect All”

  1. I recently started doing this for performance reasons and just to keep my sets clean. The downside is that if you did some cool sound design, it is (for me) common to not be able to remember how I created a particular piece of audio.

    Sometimes, I wish for an extra note taking/recording function in my DAWs but that doesn’t work (there is a note function in both Live and Logic). Then I spend all my time taking notes and worrying more about the kind of bread crumb trail I will appreciate later.

    But your point is well taken. There is no guarantee that some future version of soft synth X will continue making the same sounds in the future…

    What do others do?

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