German pain and flat tires

I’m back from East Germany. The trip was great but exhausting. No matter how much healthy eating and elliptical training a 40 year old can do prepares you for the body attack two live shows like this take from you. It’s not just the hours of full volume vocals it’s the long flights, drives between cities and lack of sleep. I wouldn’t trade it for anything but I am feeling the pain today. A funny note: When I got to my car at JKF long term parking I had a flat. I fixed it and then the spare blew! After a 9 hour flight that’s just wrong.

For the full set of photos:


  1. Welcome back Oliver! I’m always amazed at your weekend treks to Europe for concerts… I’d need a few days just to get over the jet lag ;-).


    1. I used to take a few days and plan nothing/stay at home but it was always stressy and uncomfortable. Now I just force myself back into my normal routine… keeping the same times as I usually eat, sleep and work and it feels “almost” just like I never went.


  2. like a modern day Richard 23! Sick


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