Audiodamage Axon

Chris Randall and Co. have released there new plug-in Axon. I’m going to buy it this week for sure. Let me know if you get it what do you think. $59 all formats.

“Our goal was to come up with a new style of percussion sequencer/synth that wasn’t linear and x0xy, and we succeeded beyond our wildest expectations… We’ll be the first to admit that Axon is an experimental tool, and isn’t for everybody, but if your interests lie in the abstract realm, and you want to take your rhythm and melody programming to strange new worlds, this might be just the thing.” –

For more info:


  1. The UI itself is amazing; simple and sleak!

    It’ll be interesting to see how you use this, as demonstrated it in the video its a powerful too for the minimal/ambient. It’ll be fun to see how you morph it into being a electro powerhouse.


    1. Yeah the fact (like AD Tattoo) that it has MIDI out is a killer feature for me.


  2. I love the Audio Damage aesthetic, thanks for sharing.


  3. I bought this a few hours after release. So basically, 24 hours ago. It’s amazing. Extremely creative! It forces you to think about what you’re doing, rather than just randomly making changes. Which you CAN do, but it most likely won’t sound very good. It’s very Left Brain. I haven’t tried sequencing other pieces with it yet though. I’d love to throw it’s MIDI into my E-MU Procussion.

    If you’re into Polyrhythms, this is the plug in for you! The FM engine, while only being a 2 Operator FM engine, i capable of far more complex timbers than the limited 2 Op FM should normally allow. The fact that you can add FM into a Master Bus for all the other voices to tap into and add to what’s already there is crazy. Plus, when receiving FM from the Bus, that only effects the selected voice when any of the other voices have the FM Send slider up. So it can get pretty deep and complex. There’s also Ring Mod as well. FM/Wave Shaping/Ring Mod. Nutty Neural sequencing. That all adds up to BUY NOW!



  4. yep…pure awesome. As with all AD plugs, this one is useful and spark-generating right out of the “box”.


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