Calvin Harris – Humanthesizer from ahpcs on Vimeo.

Finally a synth to rival the Minimoog. What could it be? A synth made of young women in bikinis of course!

“Right now my foot’s getting painted with some of the special connective paint which is going to turn me into a sort of like human wire.” – Calvin Harris

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4 thoughts on “Humanthesizer”

  1. “Anyone else fantasize about one big knob to control the whole humanthesizer”

    (cough) Umm… what?

    I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing the dudeski’s feet, but otherwise that was a cool video. Very cool idea. Didn’t the blue man group already do that shit? not that i am fan of their’s but this looks familiar

  2. now, this is some seriously OLD news and its also the stupidest gimmick i ever seen. But that should be expected from a dickhead like Calvin Harris.

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