Barkly Turntable

There are plenty of beautiful boutique turntables out there but what’s interesting about the $1298 Barkly Turntable is that it’s sold at chain store Anthropologie.

“A pitch-perfect piece of nature, this smooth slice of ashwood is outfitted with a Premotech motor and a Rega tonearm, a weighty glass platter and adjustable spike legs. Wood, glass. Handmade in USA” –

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3 thoughts on “Barkly Turntable”

      1. I had one for a while. The parts look very similar, although laid out slightly differently.

        The glass platter is the same, the on / off switch and the sindle all look the same.

        Not that that’s a bad thing of course as the Rega is a lovely turntable but they haven’t held their value well and to add $1000 to their price just to substitute the wood is a little hefty. Still, a nice looking bit of kit, nonetheless :)

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