Cellular AutoMidi

Lawrie Cape from England sent me an email this morning with details of a new project he/she has been working on called Cellular AutoMidi. It’s a generative audio app running inside Adobe Air. It has internal sounds but also uses the Flash Midi Server system so you can control VSTs with it. If you don’t have your copy of Audio Damage’s Automaton at work this could get your Cellular Automata algorithm fix in!

Cellular AutoMidi from Lawrie Cape on Vimeo.

“I’ve just finished work on a generative audio app called Cellular Automidi. Cellular AutoMidi is a generative music app, making “music” based on a modified Cellular Automata algorithm. It can make music itself, or you can use it as a midi controller with other software/equipment. Each cell can be alive or dead. Once in a generation, each cell looks at it’s surrounding cells, and dies if it is lonely or overcrowded. If a dead cell has an optimum amount of neighbors, it will come to life! Each generation, all the cells which have come to life will sound a note. The notes are assigned based on the cell’s y position, and are all in the pentatonic scale.” – Lawrie Cape

Free download: lawriecape.co.uk/theblog/index.php/archives/735

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  1. Wow, thanks for the post Oliver – I hope some people find it fun / interesting. I’ve got a few more music apps I’m planning, so hopefully I’ll get a chance to release some more soon. For the record…I’m a he. Cheers!

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