Make Glow Sticks

You can’t be a ravetard without a Glow Stick. Here’s how they are made. This video also points out that these things are chemicals so when you’re on five hits of ecstacy and your stick breaks do not drink the liquid! Who knew yellow would be so much brighter?

“10mL Diethyl Phthalate (solvent), 3mg of fluorescent dye, 50mg TCPO, 100mg sodium acetate, 3mL 30% hydrogen peroxide” – NurdRage

via Laughing Squid

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5 Responses to “Make Glow Sticks”

  1. Joe says:

    Haha, ravetard, I’m going to use that!

  2. Computer Controlled says:

    This is just asking for trouble! Trusting burned out candy kid with dangerous chemicals is… uh… nicht so gut?

  3. n3wjack says:

    What an enlightening video. :)

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