Pitch correction, harmony generation with presets, reverb, stutter effects, ring mod, and more for the iPad. This App called ImproVox makes me want a proper audio interface for the iPad. It would be fun manipulating my voice during a live show in real time via the touch screen. Of course it all depends if it sounds good… I’ll try this guy over the weekend and report back!

“Changing the sound of your voice is as easy as moving your fingers across the screen, and you don’t need to know any music theory. Because effect and harmony characteristics can be changed while you sing, the sonic possibilities are endless. Create reverberant rock hits and cavernous choral compositions, or just speak into the mic and transform your voice using abstract effects.” –

For more info:

via Synthtopia


  1. Another way to do voice manipulation would be to use TouchOSC on the ipad. In theory, you could midi map voice controls to a vocoder and manipulate them on the ipad or iphone on screen to adjust all sorts of parameters to suit your vocal needs and manipulation.

    Imporvox sounds like a cool idea for an ipad though i am excited to hear how this works. Cheers


  2. ImproVox has been the name of my New England based vocal improv quintet for the last eight years. Check out our website (
    Fred White for ImproVox


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