Back from the Desert

I’ve been a fairly consistent poster on Wire to the Ear. I almost always post something each day. When I fly off to Europe it’s a bit more difficult but more and more hotels have good net access. The past few days playing two shows was a bit different. Besides not having internet access (or handing myself a huge AT&T data bill) I was busy having major fun. The first night in at Row14 in Barcelona was great and the 40k event in Fraga on the Desert called Monegros was something I won’t ever forget. I landed at JKF (NYC) late last night, got home slept a rock solid 8 hours and I’m sitting here attempting to wash enough of everything I just experienced to the back of my mind so I can start with spreadsheets and the energy business. Life is full so there’s my excuse for a few days of silence here. I’ll follow up with some photos from the weekend shortly.

Update: Here’s some photos…

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  1. So when with the uk tour,its a must?!!


    1. Tell your local promoters!


  2. Daniel Oretses July 21, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    I was wondering what happened to you :)


    1. Good to know your watching Daniel. How’s Berlin?


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