Relab LX480

I love vintage hardware reverbs. My sole use of Altiverb is to load it up with old Lexicon Impulse Responses. There’s a lot of hype going around about a new plug-in from Relab called the LX480. It’s a obvious recreation of one of the all time best hardware reverbs the Lexicon 480.

Here’s a comparison between the original and the new softy:

A long Gearslutz thread discussion about the Relab LX480:

For more info:


  1. looks cool – is it Nebula based I wonder – I know that there are some ‘standalone’ Nebula plugs in development, and on Rhythm in Minds Soundcloud page he describes it as for Nebula, so maybe there is both


  2. It’s not Nebula. It’s pure code from the ground up, by Martin from Relab, who’s responsible for IK CSR and X-Verb. Very good reverb dude, altough he’s kinda slow :D


  3. Sounds really good. I think that I read somewhere that it needs iLok. That pretty much means that this thing is a no go for me. I have been iLok free for four years now and I don’t want to go back. I do like the old Lexi verbs, though. I worked with a guy in Seattle who had a nice Nuverb system on an old mac. He had this old box just to run the Nuverb card and Turbosynth. It was a pretty sweet setup.



  4. oh ok i c man – I was jus referring to this:

    yeh I dunno if I cud rock an iLok – I already have my KORG dongle and my Propellerheads Record one – I’m not putting 3 in!


  5. hey there this is a really interesting blog. that is an awesome reverb unit, so i am very interested in this plugin. i will guide all my interns over here to learn from your blog, thanks again!


  6. This should be interesting.. An emulation vs Lexicon Native PCM Bundle… Things r sure heating up in the Reverb Arena Natively. I love ILOK, it means I get portability – That’s crucial to my work.


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