Motu MicroBook

I’ve always found Motu interfaces to have super solid drivers. In fact I still use a Motu 828 from 1996! They have a new interface called the MicroBook that could be a great box for new musicians and for those of us who want a small interface next to their home laptop. It’s defintely shooting a bit at the Apogee One and Duet and the Mac Market. I like that they include the XLR mic adapter and have micro stereo inputs and outputs for iPhones/iPads and computer speakers. I also like that it’s tiny. It will be less than $270 when it hits the street next month.

“With professional analog stereo outputs, digital output, and stereo-mini output jacks for both headphones and desktop speakers, you can monitor your live audio and recorded tracks any way you like.” –

For more info:


  1. I have tbh – im kinda bit annoyed with MOTU cos AFAIK there’s no way to get the Volta running from a PC (apart from maybe using VMWare or something (which is a bit over the top)). Oh well I suppose I’ll have to buy a Kenton MIDI box instead. That interface does look great though, but Im presuming that it, like the Apogee and Duet is mac only too? :(


  2. This interface looks fantastic! Might have to pick one up myself.


  3. too bad it’s not firewire… :(


  4. I picked up one about a week ago as they were arriving at Saved By Technology in Toronto. Smaller than I expected. Works very well on PC. Firewire? Why? So you can fry your motherboard? USB 2 works very well. Latency down to 2ms by itself. Phantom Power tested fine, no issues, miss hardware master volume control but…did I mention it was small?


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