Great Facebook Bandpages with RootMusic and ArtistData

I’ve never set up a Facebook Fanpage for my own music (The Horrorist). When I originally joined Facebook it was reluctantly because MySpace was still a living community and it seemed redundant. To top it off the music features in Facebook were seriously lacking. Two external services, one which ties into Soundcloud have changed my mind.

RootMusic helps you design a proper “Bandpage”. It pulls your music from SoundCloud and allows you to make something actually album cover like. In other words your not stuck in tiny font slash baby blue Facebook land. RootMusic also easily pulls in Vimeo, Youtube videos, photos from your Fanpage, and your Twitter and RSS feeds.

Lastly, it has integration with ArtistData. ArtistData takes your show dates and puts them all over your social media sites (Facebook, MySpace, Eventfull…) so you don’t have to do the repetitive task yourself.

For a much more detailed review of RootMusic check out this write up on TechCrunch titled, “Musicians – This Is How You Create A Great Looking Facebook Page”: click here

The Horrorist Facebook fan page:

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14 Responses to “Great Facebook Bandpages with RootMusic and ArtistData”

  1. Raytrace says:

    aww I cant sign into the page – keep getting 504 gateway timeouts :/

  2. Raytrace says:

    please dont tell me it will only load from Mac/Safari o_O :/

  3. Raytrace says:

    oh soz – Im trying to log into rootmusic itself – I tested the server and its pinging for me anyway ( – must be database pressure or something :s

  4. Raytrace says:

    I’ve emailed them bout it but no doubt theyre not working at this time

  5. Raytrace says:

    yeh i was thinking it was probably something like that :p

  6. Raytrace says:

    I want to have a go of it because Ive been wanting to set up a Facebook page for a while – but the blue and white buzz REALLY didnt go with my standard blood-red and black motif :p

  7. Raytrace says:

    finally got it working :p

    I dont really know how to add people as friends to the page though

  8. Raytrace says:

    thanks man :)-(

    it would be so cool

  9. Raytrace says:

    if you could even change just the background colour of Facebook itself – they can keep their title bar – but I would love it if I could just make the main body of the page black! :P

  10. Raytrace says:

    HI man – yeh I really dont know what you’re supposed to do once you setup the page, obv on MySpace I went through every band that I liked first of all and tried to ‘add them as friends’ but I dont see anyway to do that from Facebook/RootMusic/ ?

  11. Julian says:

    Hey, if you are into customizing your facebook fanpage, you might be interested in our free tool on – mashlab makes it possible for you to draw new elements simply on the work surface using drag & drop. You need no knowledge of complex programming languages such as FBML or HTML.

    I hope I could help you with that link!

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